Community Volunteers train to tutor NHCE students!

Upcoming Events:

October 21: Awards Assembly!

K-2nd:  8:30 - 9:00

3rd - 5th:  9:15 - 9:45

Fund Friday- Extra Recess


October 24-28: Pumpkin/Gourd Contest! 

  October 28: Fund Friday- Costumes


 Congratulations 2016-2017

Boys and Girls NHCE Basketball Teams!


2nd & 3rd Grade Girls Team:

1. Laural McCuiston

2. Caroline Holland

3. Paige Stanfield

4. Karma Jones

5. Maggie Garner

6. Gracie Arnold

7. Madi Ellis

8. Abbi Green

9. Addison Kitchings

10. Savannah Standifer


2nd & 3rd Grade Boys Team:

1. Rylan James

2. JD Skiles

3. Garyn Rich

4. Aden Conner

5. Brogan Collins

6. CJ Tulloss

7. Gaige Coffee

8. Joseph Hodge

9. Holden Baker

10. Nolan Summerlin


4th & 5th Grade Girls Team:

1. Alexis Curtis

2. Ava Higgins

3. Kati Pourfarzib

4. Rileigh Collins

5. Brooke Patton

6. Hannah B Johnson

7. Ailey Milwood

8. Baylee Higgins

9. Lauren Grant

10. Isabell Kugler


4th & 5th Grade Boys Team:

1. Matthew Taylor

2. Tyler Gibson

3. Cayden Borders

4. Lucas Mathis

5. Chase Parr

6. Keagan Hickman

7. Samuel Ervin

8. Wesley Slaven

9. Evan Higgins

10. Luke Culver

11. TJ Pack




North Hamilton County Elementary will ensure a solid foundation by providing positive relationships and relevant, rigorous student-centered learning that is evidenced by strong achievement.  



The mission of North Hamilton County Elementary School is to ensure all students learn at high levels.



•    Every student's learning is all our responsibility. 

•    We must be continual learners who implement and share best practices.

•    We must create and sustain an atmosphere of mutual respect.

•     Everyone will be held to consistent and pervasive high expectations in

       academics and behavior.  




Tutoring at Rechoboth Baptist Church

Congratulations 2016-2017 NHCE Boys and Girls Basketball Team!
2nd & 3rd Grade Girls Team: 1. Laural McCuiston 2. Caroline Holland 3. Paige Stanfield 4. Karma Jones 5. Maggie...

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Link your Food City ValueCard and start earning cash for NHCE!
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Come "Strut" your stuff Thanksgiving morning!
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