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Lunch Program




BREAKFAST: Breakfast starts at 8:00 AM. Serving continues until 8:25. This gives those students who choose to eat in the cafeteria the opportunity to complete their meals before class begins. Students who arrive in cars must be here by 8:15 to eat breakfast. Students will not be excused for tardies because they were eating breakfast. Breakfast prices are as follows:

Paid: $2.00

Reduced: $0.30

HCDE Employees: $2.50

Visitors: $2.75

LUNCH: Our students are assigned a thirty minute lunch period. If you wish to eat lunch with your child, please notify the teacher in writing (to include you in the lunch count) to allow the cafeteria staff to prepare enough food to accommodate guests. This policy includes school volunteers. Your teacher will be glad to provide you with the time that your child eats lunch. Lunch prices are as follows:

Paid: $3.00

Reduced: $0.40

HCDE Employees: $3.75

Visitors: $4.50


 COMPETITIVE FOODS POLICY: All students, including those who bring their lunch, are encouraged to eat a balanced and nutritious meal. USDA policy prohibits the following items to be served in the dining area during lunch: carbonated beverages, chewing gum, and candy. Our cafeteria will not provide these items. Please respect our policy and the other students by not placing similar items in lunches sent from home. Metal and glass containers are not permitted in the cafeteria.



The cafeteria is a place for students to enjoy their friends as they eat a nourishing meal. The general rules of good manners are expected to be practiced in the lunchroom. Simple rules of courteous behavior to make lunch a pleasant part of the day are as follows:

1. When given a signal, all students shall get quiet and look to monitor for directions.

2. Sit appropriately facing forward, feet under the table.

3. Speak with a soft voice to the students beside you and across the table.

4. Each student should eat from his/her plate only.

5. Remain seated until dismissed by monitor.


We welcome parents to join us for lunch. We provide a special table for parents and students to enjoy lunch together. Please help us maintain the expectations of the lunchroom with your child and any younger child who may be accompanying you. Students with guests for lunch will be required to remain in the cafeteria until the end of the lunch period and will be dismissed with their class.