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School Hours
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School Hours
Take In Time:
8:30 AM
Dismissal Time:
3:30 PM
Main Telephone Line:

After School Care
The Hamilton County Department of Education provides before and after school care to accommodate parents who must leave for work before school begins in the morning and/or do not get home until after school is out in the afternoon. Parents may sign up at any time during the school year. Full day service will be available on days school is not in session (in-service, snow days, winter vacation, etc.). The hours of operation of this program are from 6 AM until 8 AM and from 3:30 PM until 6 PM. For more information, please call the school. Cost: Registration Fee $10.00 Before School Only $20.00 per week, $4 per day After School Only $30.00 per week, $6 per day Full Day Session $15.00 per day Both AM and PM $50 per week
Additional Notes
Our school hours are from 8:30 - 3:30. Students are allowed into the building at 8:00 AM with the exception of students in the Child Care Program. Students arriving before 8:30 AM must proceed directly to the appropriate hallway. Students will sit outside their classroom. Any student wishing to eat breakfast should report directly to the cafeteria. When finished with breakfast, students walk to the appropriate hallway. Please bring children to school no later than 8:15 if they plan to eat in the cafeteria. The serving line closes at 8:25 AM. Students also have the option of eating from the breakfast cart instead of eating breakfast in the cafeteria. Students will not be exempt from tardies because they arrived late and decided to eat. The bell to allow students to enter the classroom rings at 8:25 AM. Students are dismissed by class with the teacher from the hallway. The final tardy bell rings at 8:30 AM. Students arriving after 8:30 must be accompanied to the office by an adult to sign the tardy admittance card. The student will be issued a tardy slip to enter class. Being late for school creates a sense of panic for many students. Please make every effort to have your student ready to start their school day in a calm and timely manner. Dismissal is at 3:30. All car riders are to be picked up through the car rider line. We ask that you not come to the school or classroom doors to pick up a student. We make every effort to move cars quickly through the line. Please do not park in the bus drive, parking lot, or the no parking zones. For the safety of the children we cannot allow the students to walk to a car that is not in the pick up area of the car rider line. If the students and drivers are ready, we are able to load all cars in a timely manner. We appreciate your cooperation in our safety procedures for dismissal. Our goal is to prevent the injury of any child. Names of every student you are picking up in the car rider line must be displayed on the provided school paper on the dash of your car. If you need more than one school issued sign, please contact the office. Any person attempting to pick up a child without a school issued sign will be asked to park, come in the office, and show ID. This person’s name must appear on the student registration form as authorized to pick up the student. This is a safety procedure and no exceptions can be made. If you should develop a carpool with other parents, please notify the office of this arrangement. EARLY DISMISSAL Should you need to dismiss your child before the end of the school day, please use the following simple procedure: • Write a note to your child’s teacher indicating the reason for the early dismissal and the approximate time you will arrive to get your child. • Upon arrival come directly to the school office to sign the dismissal card. A child will not be dismissed to anyone not listed by you on the dismissal card unless you contact us concerning the change. For the safety of our students we will ask to see identification. Please inform all persons listed on your dismissal card of this policy. • Please wait in the office or lobby area for your child. We will call the child to the office to minimize disruption to the class. PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THE ROOM TO PICK UP YOUR CHILD, EVEN AT THE END OF THE DAY. In order to ensure safety for all students, students dismissing early must be picked up before 3:00 PM unless it is prearranged or in cases of EXTREME emergency. This policy allows for less confusion in the parking lot during dismissal. • If there is any change in the way your child is to go home in the afternoon, we must have a note to that effect. Include the date, child’s name, teacher’s name, and/or the bus number or the name of the person with whom your child will be riding. Please help your child know how he/she is getting home BEFORE he/she comes to school in the morning. Delaying the buses to clarify a situation or trying to locate students to give messages creates a problem for all. An emergency situation is understandable; however, repeated calls are difficult for the office staff to handle at the very busy end of the day. If a reason for a transportation change does come up during the day, please call the school by 2:00 PM. Be prepared to give identifying information over the phone so we can verify who is calling to make this change. AFTER SCHOOL Students are required to go directly home after school unless they are involved in a school approved activity. Students need to bring a note if they are not going home in the usual manner or are getting off at a different bus stop. When the change involves bus transportation, the student must bring the note to the office and a form must be signed by the office and delivered to the bus driver by the child. The office will not complete a form without notification from the parent or guardian. Teachers cannot allow a student to ride home in a car other than that of a parent or pre-designated car-pool without a note. We enforce this policy for the safety of our children. Our rule of thumb is “If we do not have a communication from the parent/guardian, the student will be sent home in the usual way.” We do not allow students to use the phone to seek “permission” to change a way home.